Mediscan has been operating since January 2013 supported by a dedicated and enthusiastic staff. All members of staff, regardless of department are devoted to the cause of Mediscan; enhancing the quality and speed of patient diagnosis and management.

We work in a helpful environment assisting each other wherever needed and working as a team towards this greater aim. Our relationship with our community has grown as more individuals have joined our team to help us and strengthen us towards our objective; improving healthcare and patient diagnosis and management in the UK.

Our Location

The Forum, Tameside Business Park, Windmill Lane, Manchester, UK

GP Line: 0161 337 8086 | Patient Line: 0161 820 1123 | Fax: 0161 820 1118 I 0161 336 0268

Email: mediscan.diagnostic@nhs.net | gpsupport@mediscanservices.co.uk


Contact us on Twitter @mediscanservice