Mediscan Diagnostic Services is an accredited AQP (Any Qualified Provider) and provider of ultrasound diagnostic services nationally commissioned by local CCG’s. As part of the CQC – NHS initiative we enhance the service offered by GP practices, accelerating patient diagnosis and quality of care. We are contracted to provide low cost services, below the NHS tariff and also far more quickly.

We are committed to provide exceptional services to GP’s and their patients, offering flexibility, choice and speed.


Ultrasound Services


Ophthalmology Services


Dermatology Services


Audiology Services

The only private company lead by consultant radiologists.

Results turnaround time five working days

Emergency appointment can be booked with 24 – 48 hours

Highly experienced and motivated staff

Provides image exchange portals to NHS Hospitals.

Latest and Advanced equipment

The only private company affiliated with Salford University

Minimizing patient’s travel with more than 70 clinics within the Manchester

Now! also providing Dermatology, Ophthalmology and Audiology services

For the past week, I had been having some sharp tangs in my arm which were causing me a lot of pain. My GP referred me to Mediscan for an ultrasound the following week. I had no trouble obtaining an appointment. I was given a convenient location which was near to me and a time and date which was flexible. I’ve had many medical problems in the past, so I have had my fair share of experience booking appointments with a variety of services and surgeries. I am glad to have received such a suitable service through Mediscan.
George West
After a growing hearing problem, I am often having trouble with normal social situations in my daily life especially as I get older. This concerns me very much and health services are my sole dependence for a solution through treatment. At sixty- two, many of my health problems are treated with a minimum expenditure of effort and resources. When I was referred to Mediscan, I had the pleasure of receiving a caring service by the audiologist. At my age, this is very important to me and makes all the difference. I would defiantly recommend Mediscan to other patients and for GPs who are referring patients.
Shakeel Ahmed
I had never heard of Mediscan before my doctor referred me to them. I am very cautious of my health and many times the services that I receive are not up-to- par with the patients’ requirements. This is why I approached Mediscan with a lot of restraint. However I did not find much to complain about after having used the service. It was quick efficient and to the point with no hassle. My examination was done sensitively. I appreciated this very much. I would rate them highly when it comes to healthcare services and would like to thank them for being able to provide this quality of service.
Brenda Holiday

We are the most Cost Effective and Time Efficient
Ultrasound provider in the UK.

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