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Your hearing, our passion

Our Audiology services aim to provide a comprehensive direct access, closer to home, adult hearing service for age related hearing loss in line with national guidance and local requirements. We are intent on improving the health focus on hearing loss and reducing the prevalence of avoidable permanent hearing loss with patient-centred care in close collaboration with GPs. We aim to encourage early identification, diagnosis and management of hearing loss.

  • Our service is provided 7 days a week with extended hours available

  • The reports will be sent back to your GP within 48 hours.

  • We provide Home Visits as well

Hearing Consultations from £40

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Our Annual

Free Hearing Aids & Assessments

For patients over 55 and located in Birmingham and Wirral

Ear Cleaning & Microsuction 


Easy Process and Quick Results

Convenient Booking Options

Better hearing starts here

Our service to our patients include:

  • Hearing needs assessment

  • Individual Management Plan (IMP) for each patient

  • Provision and fitting of hearing aids in a suitable environment

  • Follow-up appointments

  • Aftercare service such as repairs

  • Consumables replacement services such as batteries and tubes

Hearing Aids & Fittings 

If you have noticed that your hearing is not what it once was, it’s worth having a hearing health check to assess your hearing.

An audiologist will perform the test and it will only take around 30 minutes. This will check the general health of your ears and establish how well you are hearing.

The results will be discussed with you and if for example, you have a hearing loss you will be informed of any recommended action that might be needed.

Why get a Hearing test?

A hearing test is a common procedure which enables our expert private audiologists to diagnose and treat a range of hearing-related issues, including: Balance disorders Hearing loss Tinnitus Your hearing is vital for your well-being and it is important to check it regularly to make sure it's working at its optimum level.

No Appointment waiting List. 

No NHS referral requirement. 

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