Our Audiology services aim to provide a comprehensive direct access, closer to home, adult hearing service for age related hearing loss in line with national guidance and local requirements. We are intent on improving the health focus on hearing loss and reducing the prevalence of avoidable permanent hearing loss with patient-centred care in close collaboration with GPs. We aim to encourage early identification, diagnosis and management of hearing loss.




We provide:

  • Hearing needs assessment (out-patient or domiciliary)

  • Individual Management Plan (IMP) for each patient

  • Provision and fitting of hearing aids in a suitable environment

  • Follow-up appointments within 70 calendar days

  • Aftercare service for 3 years

  • Consumables replacement service for 3 years

 Each patient is offered an Otoscopy – Pure-tone Audiogram, pre-fitting counselling when needed, programming and fitting of digital hearing aids, verification and further adjustment of hearing aid output on Real Ear Measurements, and Interactive sessions to ensure good understanding of the usage of devices.

We exclude:

  • Patients under 55s

  • Vertigo and Balance disorders

  • Fluctuating hearing loss, other than associated with cold

  • Sudden loss or sudden deterioration of hearing

  • Abnormal auditory perceptions

  • Tinnitus which may be associated with symptoms of anxiety and depression and lead to sleep disturbance